This undated photo issued by the Home Office shows a Home Office poster displayed on a van in London  AP Images
This economic xenophobia has to stop

Immigrants have made a ‘substantial’ contribution to the UK, so why do so many of us think the opposite?

Ryanair new ventures  ALESSANDRO GAROFALO, Newscom, RTR
We don’t want nice Ryanair – we want cheap Ryanair

Better customer service won’t bring people back to Ryanair, says David Whitley.

Travel guide books are valuable  Isopix, Rex Features
In defence of the guide book

Lots and lots of free information isn’t as valuable as properly researched, edited and well-packaged information, says David Whitley.

Equalities Minister Jo Swinson  LUKE MACGREGOR-Newscom-RTR
Chivalry is dead and women killed it

The MPs who ignored a pregnant colleague may have feared accusations of sexism

Too many young lives are being written off  PA
Britain must break cycle of failure

Those left behind by the education system will never catch up.

Woman reflected in glass looking out at London  Image © LUKE MACGREGOR Newscom RTR
Help To Buy is a much needed initiative

As the government brings forward Help To Buy, our writer argues that London-centric journalists are ignoring the benefits…

Downton Abbey  ITV
Why EastEnders should take its cue from Downton Abbey

EastEnders is floundering and, according to Hilary Wardle, should look to Downton Abbey for inspiration.

Hamzah Khan and Keanu Williams' tragic stories have both been in the spotlight this week
Hamzah and Keanu needn't have died this way. We must be braver.

This week's tragic stories prove that our lessons aren't being learned, writes Helen Donohoe

George Osborne addresses the Conservative conference  Image © REX Ray Tang
Working for benefits will rob others of jobs

George Osborne wants the long-term unemployed to work for their benefits. But what about the people who already do those jobs…?

A homeless woman near Westminster Cathedral, London  PA
'The Thatcher years were bad - this would be much worse'

David Cameron's vow to withdraw benefits for under-25s risks leaving a generation in crisis, says the TUC's Richard Exell

David Cameron delivers his speech at the 2013 Tory party conference. Image: Peter Byrne, PA Wire  David Cameron delivers his speech at the 2013 Tory party conference. Image: Peter Byrne, PA Wire
A speech all about 'opportunity' - for anyone but the Tories

The prime minister is on course to lose the next election, argues Adam Bienkov, and nothing he said in his conference speech has changed that.

Manchester United boss David Moyes  AP Photo-Clint Hughes
Time for Manchester United to cut their losses and look for a new manager?

Manchester United fan Nooruddean Choudry questions whether David Moyes should remain in charge at Old Trafford

Colin Firth Mark Darcy Bridget Jones  Rex Features
Why Helen Fielding was right to kill off Bridget Jones’s Mark Darcy

Stop the hysteria - Darcy was as disposable as his Christmas jumpers, says Caroline Corcoran

Jose Mourinho  REUTERS-Bogdan Cristel
Tetchy Mourinho under pressure to repeat instant success

The wit and charm that endeared Jose Mourinho to the British press has been replaced with cynicism and distrust, writes Graham Ruthven.

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